About me

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I am first and foremost a business woman with a passion for motivating  and helping people realise their potential. I love to connect businesses and assist collaboration – this in my opinion is the key to survival in this deep and murky recession.

I run my own vintage entertainment business, Dawn’s Vintage Do which not only allows me to do what  love – sing songs full of 50′s and 60′s nostalgia and host fun filled feminine and flirty confidence building burlesque workshops  - but it shows that I put into practice what I preach in my sales and networking training sessions.  After all, who would take advice from someone who couldn’t demonstrate their expertise?

I am also the Woman in Business columnist for the Observer series – Chichester, Bognor Regis, Midhurst & Petworth. Again, spreading the love amongst the local business community to help highlight issues, praise success and generally ramble on about what it’s like to be a woman in business.

people say…

Dawn is an enthusiastic and engaging trainer.  Her broad cross-sector experience enables her to understand the needs of a variety of workshop participants…. she provides sound outline skills but will also tailor her delivery and answers to the needs of even the most sales-shy trainees!  You can’t help but be motivated to “just do it” when you’ve been trained by Dawn!”

Heather Barrie, Owner, Harrie’s Food

“Dawn is an incredibly friendly and welcoming person who makes this particular networking group work in a way that is both constructive and fun. Her particular blend of creativity and openness make for meetings that everyone wants to be part of and re schedule their busy diaries to attend. Above all, Dawn is fun and full of joie de vivre – she combines her many talents to bring out the best in group situations. On a one to one basis, Dawn cares about the individual and, by listening, strives to help them achieve whatever they are looking for within the broader group. I would recommend this Mumpreneurs Networking group with Dawn as its manager, to anyone looking to expand their contact base.”

Karen Currie, Principal Instructor, Princess K Fitness

“Dawn is possibly one of the most effervescent people I have ever met in
business. Her presentation style is confident, fun and friendly, and she strives to ensure that anyone attending her networking events leaves having made solid business connections. Dawn is incredibly well-connected on the Sussex business scene and her knowledge of sales techniques is superb. I always looking forward
to attending any event in which Dawn is involved.”

Sarah Engerran, Communications and Training Manager at LWS Creative


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